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What makes the best vpn reseller program?

Feb 6, 2020 4:04:24 PM
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There is a variety of factors that makes "the best VPN reseller program". In this post will try to remove any subjective points, not simply preach how fantastic we are, but instead focus on objectively looking at the market. With the goal to hopefully help you make the right choice for you.


When your reselling a product, the markup margin is of vital essence to determine if a program is "good" or "bad". As you have to sell the product you'll have costs for marketing, sales and in most cases some level of support. This does not mean you are the one fixing issues, but since they are your customers it is only logical a customer approaches you first. To build a strong recurring revenue stream it is recommend to not sell 1 off's but instead focus on a service that has recurring revenue each month. What you will find is that retaining customers is far easier then acquiring new ones. This way you can build a scalable business that has dependable revenue. 

We looked at the top 10 VPN reseller programs and found that it ranges from $2 dollars per VPN a month to the most extreme of a company that asks a setup fee of $10.000,- (so that is before you have sold a single VPN). So before you choose your partner, review a couple options.

Whitelabel or no whitelabel?

When reselling your either selling someone's brand or using your own brand. Not all reseller programs have the possibility for getting the service in whitelabel format. Selling under your own brand has the huge advantage that customers truly do business with you. Otherwise they know your just the in-between party that might not really be necessary and will have reduced loyalty to your business. 

Also what we have seen is that just reselling will give you typically a 25% profit margin, while with whitelabel it is usually around 75% margin that you can make.

State of the art technology supporting the most used systems.

As you are selling, you don't want headaches of software en servers that do not work. VPN is a tricky business, for example Netflix makes it it's mission to try and block anyone who uses VPN from using Netflix. Any VPN provider has to deal with those type of issues. The technology and experience the company has is therefore vital. Our recommendation would be to go for a partner that has been in the hosting business for a long time.  Plus look at third party reviews, such as on the WHMCS marketplace. If a company has no reviews or negative reviews it is telling that their customer base is either tiny or nobody felt good enough about their services to leave a review. 

Dedicated Account Manager

You might be new to selling VPN and there will always be plenty of questions that need answers. It is therefore a huge benefit if there is 1 person connected to your account that knows you and has your interest at heart. The skillset of this person should be a mixture of Sales & Marketing expertise. As this is the main thing that needs to happen for a Sale to take place.

Training for new partners by jointly developing a marketing plan.

As an entrepreneur you learn through failures, it often helps tough if you can throw your ideas safely at a partner with experience that can help you improve your plan. A true partner is in it all in the way! 

Consult and assist in the technology stack to sell efficiently and effectively.

Having the right setup can make or break a business. When your dealing with a partner they should have the experience to know what works well and why. Technology is ever changing and modern businesses need to adapt to be best equipped to enter the arena of selling VPN. 


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