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Cheap VPN reseller overview

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Mar 5, 2020 4:50:38 PM
Reading time: 2 min
Cheap VPN reseller

Most of our first time website visitors are researching for the best cheap VPN reseller program in the market. There are plenty of VPN companies, most of them very bad and a few giants who are great but have their own downsides. All in all it is a challenge and therefore we decided to create this overview.

Lets start off with a few ground rules to define "cheap" as we probably don't want to do business with some guy in a basement and a home computer setup to run his VPN business on. That might be "cheap" but isn't what you probably want in a partner for a whole list of reasons.

What we need is:

  • Good and reliable technology (both software and hardware)
  • No limits or other factors that will give people the feeling of being cheated
  • Supporting the most popular devices
  • Work on Mobile, Laptop, Desktop and smart TV
  • Allow P2P
  • Plenty of global locations
  • No logs

Alright, so taking that into account, we can look at the market. What you will find that the majority of VPN companies will offer a reseller program. When people speak about reselling VPN, they either mean to actually resell a brand or they want to offer VPN under their own brand. When you sell under your own name it is called Whitelabel. 

Some companies offer only Whitelabel reselling (that is us) , some only offer reseller programs and others both. When you are reselling a brand, the advantage is that with some of them it is a brand name that people might know and trust. Although if you were to ask your family to name 3 VPN companies i'm pretty confident they will not be able to. 

A big brand usually has good servers and service, but how do you know what the top ones are? Well let us tell you, the biggest globally are:

1. ExpressVPN
2. NordVPN
3. Hide.me 

Don't even bother with the rest, seriously.... it is most likely not worth your time nor should you want to be reselling it. Do you really want to risk upsetting your audience / referrals? We would recommend to visit their websites research the conditions for reselling. It will differ for each and changes overtime.

Now that been said, there are a couple of huge disadvantages or reselling a brand's product. 

  • Your offering is no different from anyone else, you cannot differentiate, which makes competing hard.
  • Customers are not your customers
  • Your % of the profit is usually low when you are small, only when you would have a big volume of resells will your cut grow. 

These are the primary reasons why selling VPN through Whitelabel is becoming more popular. Some of the challenges with finding a whitelabel solution is usually that it costs quite a bit upfront to get started. As most of the VPN companies that offer this, usually want to attract other bigger businesses and websites. Now nothing wrong with that, but what if your a smaller business?  

We wanted to take away any of the roadblocks that companies face to not go Whitelabel. So with us there is:

- No signup fee
- Cheapest in the market with $1,99 , competitors usually are around $4 but sometimes far more.
- Credit system for only pay as you go (only pay when you have actual sold customers)
- Credit never expires
- Credit gets charged daily so that you can be super flexible with renewing or cancelling at anytime. 
- Free to use Whitelabel software
- Rebranding to your own brand possible

Click on VPN reseller to learn more about it.



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