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VPNresellers starter guide

Jan 23, 2020 2:35:05 PM
Reading time: 3 min
VPNresellers starter guide

There are no limits on how successful you can become with a VPN service. Wether you are just starting with setting up your online business or you already have a website with other offerings. This guide is made to help you get started with setting up and selling VPN.

1. Picking your tech stack setup

Here is a list of the main things you need to setup / have:

  • VPN Reseller provider, we are dedicated to be your partner of choice to help your business grow. Please sign-up here if you haven't already.
  • Account management & Billing software: WHMCS  ,it is the all-in-one client management system for Reseller Hosting. It gives you billing and support capabilities so you have all the tools to run your business.
    Alternatively you could use Woocommerce in combination with Wordpress. We have released our native integration just recently, you can download it here.  We have made a full guide on how to install it here.
  • CMS: If you don't want WHMCS for your front end (what people see when they visit a site). then there are plenty of other options, we recommend to go for Wordpress or HubSpot
  • CRM & Marketing software: HubSpot, it is the place where you have all customer and marketing tools available so your able to market and sell. We recommend this tool because its free to start and can grow with you as you scale. We are HubSpot certified and can help you setup if wanted.

2. Connect your Account & Billing software with VPNresellers

Now that you have made your choice, it is time to either automatically connect your system with us, for WHMCS we have a native plugin available for free. If you have chosen for a different system, you can use our open REST API to connect it. The advantage of having your billing system connected automatically is that the account creation, suspending, termination, renewal etc will all be done automatically for you, so that you can spend time marketing and selling your brand. 

If however you simply want to do it manually that option is fully available as-well. 

3. Set your price

The price you set for your service will in the first place be highly dependent on the price you pay for marketing your service. Each country in the world is different when it comes to the VPN market in both maturity, marketing cost and reasons for wanting to use a VPN.

In addition you must ensure that you are at least competitive with other VPN providers. Our recommendation would be to search the top 10 VPN providers via Google in the country you want to sell in and view their prices. Typically we see prices range in between $5 and $14 dollars a month. 

4. Brand, brand, brand

We haven't talked about branding yet, but let's be clear: you won't have to worry about the infrastructure and that everything works (we will take care of that), but you provide the service to your customer.

Your brand is essentially your core business. So make sure you get started professionally and adjust the available tools with the branding of your company. Make sure you invest in a good logo and perhaps some custom design of your website (template). Also build a good website, with a memorable, short domain name, because this helps both customers to return to your site and those same customers recommend your service to friends.

Mac, Windows and Android VPN Whitelabel software is available. Have a look:
Android app - see it: Google play store

We offer the option to rebrand our software for a fee, of course you also have the option to develop your own software, you can use for this our openvpn config file or use other protocols to connect to our servers. Contact us for more information.

5. Deposit your credit, so that you can sell

Our system works on credits similar to how prepaid phones work. Your credit will never expire and so there is no risk or pressure from our side. We work mainly with Paypal, but we also support crypto payments or wire transfer if desired.

Please add a minimum balance of $100 to your account under billings. Our system will charge daily active VPN accounts to your balance. If you remove an VPN account after 7 days from your account, then we only charge 7 days of the monthly price, this way it's easy for you to make different kind of packages. For example 3 days VPN access, 7 days VPN access, 15 days VPN access, etc.

Price per VPN is $1,99 per month if you have under 1.000 customers and will drop to $0,99 when go over that.

6. Provide excellent customer service

Happy customers are the key to growth as your existing customers will stay and renew, but also recommend your service to their friends. People trust other people not companies, therefore it is vital that you help your customers and provide excellent support. 

Obviously you can count on us to help you, we are there for you 24/7 to ensure any technical questions get answered if required, so that you can service your customers. 



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