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VPN market projections

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Jan 26, 2020 9:10:02 PM
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VPN market projections

In the past most people did not know what a VPN is, that couldn't be more different today. I recently watched the new Spiderman film "far far from home", in the movie; MJ gave Peter a travel tip: "to use VPN because it's more safe!"  It says a lot about the market today, that it even is being mentioned casually in a blockbuster movie, it shows the; necessity, relevance and popularity of using privacy tools today. Digital privacy and security are more important for consumers than ever before, so companies and individuals alike are beginning to harness the power of VPNs. Nevertheless, the overall VPN market can be difficult to understand comprehensively. Entrepreneurs might want to brush up on its prospects before making any important decisions about the space, hence why we made this post to help. 

VPN market growth estimation

In 2020, the estimation for VPN global market is $27.10 billion
One year from now, in 2021, it will go over $30 billion – $31.10 billion, to be more accurate
Finally, in 2022, the VPN global market value is predicted to reach a whopping $35.73 billion

Users by age
35% of VPN users are between 16 and 24 years old.
33 % are between 25 and 34 years of age
19% between 35-44
9% are between 45-54 years of age
And only 4% of VPN users are between 55-64 years of age.

Users by gender
Male - 62%
Female - 38%

VPN use statistics by country
Indonesia leads the list of countries with the highest percentage of internet users (41%)
Thailand (39%)
India (38%)
Turkey (32%)
China (31%)
Saudi Arabia (29%)
Malaysia (29%)
Brazil (25%)
(Source GlobalWebIndex, London)

The main reason for people to use VPN in these countries, is to “overcome governmental restrictions.”

China and Vietnam are known to have notorious VPN restrictions in place. Websites like Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube are not available in these countries. The government in Vietnam is also critical about anti-government news websites and blogs. Singapore on the other hand, is mulling to restrict access to the Pirate Bay (TPB), one of the most famous torrent file sharing websites.

VPN access by region
Asia Pacific. (30%)
Latin America (23%)
Middle East & Africa (19%)
Europe: 17%
North America: 17%

VPN access by device
Onequarter of all internet users have accessed VPN in December 2019, with mobile access growing in popularity:

Desktop - 17%
Mobile - 15%
Tablet 7%

Reasons why people use VPN

  • Bypass geo-blocks, annoying firewalls, and government censorship.
  • Overcoming adult content censorship
  • Protect their data against mass surveillance, advertisers, and hackers.
  • Secure their freedom of speech online.
  • Get cheaper flights.
  • Enjoy a better experience at work.
  • Marketers improving their SEO strategies.
  • Avoiding bandwidth throttling.

When people think of VPN, they usually associate it with illegal downloading. Despite the primary motivation being to consume entertainment content for most users worldwide, those who access VPNs are usually not pirates. 77% of VPN users are buying digital content each month, across a wide range of formats:

Percentage of VPN users who paid for the following in the last month:
Music download: 33%
Music streaming service: 27%
Movie or TV streaming service: 27%
Mobile app: 27%
Movie or TV download: 26%


The main reasons that the VPN market will grow have to do with digital security more than anything else. Modern consumers are more informed than ever. They’ve come to realise that many companies, individuals and even governments are spying on them while they also restrict the internet for people. Great example of this is that if you are a Netflix customer in the UK, you will not have access to the same amount of movies as when you are in the US. Despite you paying just as much for your subscription.

In an effort to maintain their privacy in the face of
ever-growing surveillance, then, many consumers have turned to tools like VPN services, which gives you an amazing opportunity to start your VPN business.  


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