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How to sell VPN

Jun 17, 2020 2:34:39 AM
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how to sell vpn

How to sell VPN and more of it is probably the most asked question our partners ask us. After all building a scalable business is dependant on growth. I've been in Sales in the SAAS space for over 15 years and I'd like to share some tips to help you grow your business. 

If you are concerned about your online privacy,  want to safeguard your data from third parties, or are considering  a way to dodge geo-restrictions, a VPN might help you to cover them.


One of the greatest benefit of using VPN is data protection. Since so much of our lives are online today, security has become a major concern.

VPN not only protects your online activities and personal information but also it adds an extra security layer against cybercriminals particularly if you regularly access the public networks.

A VPN creates a secure tunnel thus allowing you to keep your private data safe from malicious actors.


If you can relate to any of the aforementioned scenarios, One thing is for sure that you need a good VPN. As far as this question is concerned , then the answer is YES , a VPN is worth buying. Why not, when you can have all those advantages of a VPN by paying just a few dollars per month?


“Free” isn’t free when it comes to free VPN’s. using free VPN’s is just like protecting your privacy at the expense of your own privacy. These services actually allow malicious third parties to sneak through your personal data and much more. VPN’s are meant to protect you from all these malicious activities, so it’s better to pay some amount rather than compromising your privacy.  


One can boost up the revenues by selling VPN using VPN reselling program , which is designed to offer internet/digital marketers the opportunity to sell VPN services provided by another company. They provide the marketer with all back-end tools and server’s access.

This program gives an excellent opportunity to resell VPN services to the customers and being a VPN reseller you may buy services at discounted prices.

Here’s some key points and guide to a VPN reseller program:

  • Picking your tech stack setup:

Some of the main things you need to have are VPN reseller provider. You can sign up here, account management and billing software such as  WHMCS. If you don’t want WHMCS you might go for other options such as Wordpress or Hostbill.

  • Connecting account and billing software with VPNresellers

 After you have made your choice , the next step is to connect your system with VPNresellers.

  • Setting a best suited price

The price you set for your service will in the first place be highly dependent on the price you pay for marketing your service. In addition you must ensure that you are at least competitive with other VPN providers. 

  • Branding 

Sell the services under your brand name as white-label service provider.


  • Sell VPN directly on your own website
  • Directly purchase VPN services from your credit balance
  • Manage your accounts in the VPNReseller dashboard
  • Automatic renewal option
  • Monthly price of VPN depends on how many active accounts you have


The VPN market is at the top of its game now and user as well as business privacy concerns are bigger than ever. Before, VPNs were mostly used among companies and universities for the sole ability to access private data and resources. Now, VPN services are an everyday thing, used by Internet users all around the globe. Data leaks, Internet restrictions, privacy-unfriendly laws are just a few reasons as to why the VPN market has skyrocketed and will continue to grow. VPN resells are increasing too, as many want to jump on the train and take advantage of the growing VPN service provider market.


VPN protocols are designed with the sole purpose of facilitating the encapsulation and encryption of data transmitting via network.

As a VPN reseller, it would help to understand the different VPN protocols. Among many different types there are few that are commonly used.

  • Point to point tunneling protocol (PPTP):

This protocol encapsulates and encrypt data using IP header and it can be used for both remote-access and site to site VPN connections.

  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol:

Cisco developed this protocol and it uses elements of PPTP and layer 2 Forwarding. It combines the aspects of both technologies in single protocol and adds an extra layer of security at transport level.

  • Secure Socket Tunneling protocols (SSTP)

This is one of the latest technology that has that has advantage of getting through firewalls and web proxies that have been known to block PPTP and L2TP. The encapsulation is done using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel on HTTPS protocol.


If you are looking for a company that offers quality VPN services, VPNresellers has everything you need. We also have quality back end tools that can help to manage every aspect of your business.

VPNresellers has a solid VPN reseller program that will give you everything you need to make money. We also have competitive commissions to help you make a profit on every sale.

If you want to find out how can we help you become a successful VPN reseller. Sign up below


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