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How Corona virus is a huge chance for selling more VPN

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Mar 17, 2020 10:22:31 PM
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How Corona virus is a huge chance for selling more VPN

Due to widespread fears over CoronaVirus, entire organisations have gone from a traditional office setting to scrambling for a plan to provide secure remote access. As confirmed coronavirus cases increase across the globe, organisations are having employees work from home in an effort to decrease the virus's spread. From small businesses all the way to tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, companies are now requiring most (if not all) of their workforce to telecommute through at least the end of March.

Take advantage of the corona virus surge for VPN's

According to a study OpenVPN conducted in 2019, 24% of companies haven’t updated its remote work security policy in over a year, and 44% say its IT department did not lead the remote work security policy plan.

So what can your organisation do now in light of this situation? Here are some questions outlined that your customers are asking themselves during this time.

  1.    What's the maximum number of users who need remote access?
  2. How does this translate into additional bandwidth needed?
  3. How soon will we need additional bandwidth?
  4. How quickly can additional bandwidth be provided?
  5. How quickly can we obtain additional licenses and other resources?
  6. How much more will it cost for additional bandwidth and network?
  7. What technologies can we use to boost bandwidth cost-effectively?
  8. How will cybersecurity threats be handled in such a situation?
  9. How do we secure and protect the increased amount of data traffic?
  10. How do we scale back once the demand for remote access has returned to normal levels?
  11. What resources are available from local access carriers?
  12. What resources are available from WAN carriers and internet service providers (ISPs)?

VPN: An essential tool for remote work

Securing remote access to internal systems and online services is typically achieved by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In the case of CoronaVirus — many people have turned to VPNs for help.

A VPN provides your business with a securely encrypted connection to the network over the public internet. It provides an important piece of layered security that's essential for data protection. Using a VPN gives you the ability to remotely access important network resources and connect your company's branches and locations worldwide. This is extremely important during pandemics (and even just during flu season) when working remotely is the only choice.

We have seen a huge surge in our partners selling more VPN's. If you haven't already taken advantage now would be the time to go to market!


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